Norman cheeses 

The boursin

A boursin
A boursin


Type Unripenned spiced triple creme
Milk Cow. Pasteurised milk.
Aspect Cylinder of 150 gr.
Region Eure.

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The Boursin dairy was created in 1957 by François Boursin at Croisy-sur-Eure (in the Eure department). In 1964 the Boursin cheese was created, this is a cousin of some of the traditional norman triple creme and unripened cheeses. Since the start it has been produced with pasteurised milk, creme and spices

The Boursin has always been a very innovative cheese. First of all, its aluminium cover easy to recognize was probably one of the reasons of the first success of that cheese. It was also the first cheese to advertise on the french TV in 1968. Its advertising slogan "Du pain, du vin et du boursin" (Bread, wine and Boursin) became one of the most famous of the french advertisement history.

Since 1983, the Boursin society belongs to the Unilever corporation.

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The Boursin exists in different flavours: pepper, onion-chive, salmon, olive-garlic etc...

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Société de la Fromagerie Boursin
27120 Croisy-sur-Eure
Tel: +33 (0)2 32 26 63 00