Norman cheeses 

The excelsior & the Brillat-Savarin


Type Triple crem
Milk Cow.
Aspect Brillat-Savarin
Cylinder (13 cm diametre, 3,5 cm thick).
450 gr.
75% of fat.
Thin white down rind with light yellow outcrops.
Region Forges-les-Eaux - Normandy and also Ile de France for the Brillat-Savarin.

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The Excelsior is a traditional cheese of the Normandy, but its name was given by Henri Androuët, the famous parisian cheesemonger.

The Brillat-Savarin was created by Henri Androuet but it was directly inspired by the excelsior, with a slightly modified shape. He gave it the name of the famous XVIIIth century french gastronome, Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, the author of the "Physiologie du goût, ou Meditations de gastronomie transcendante".

This cheese was originally produced in Forges-les-eaux, and the different dairies producing it were bougth by the "établissements Lepetit". Nowadays they mostly belong to the Lactalis society (formerly known as Besnier) as well as other small corporations.