Norman cheeses 

The "La Bouille" and the "Fromage de Monsieur"


Type Flowered rind double creme
Milk Cow
Aspect Cylinder (7 cm of diameter)
La Bouille: 500 gr.
Fromage de Monsieur: 250 gr
60% of fat.
Thin white down rind with light yellow outcrops on the periphery.
Region La Bouille - Seine-Maritime

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At the end of the 19th century, the small town of "la Bouille", downstream of Rouen on the Seine river, was one of the favorite place of the inhabitants of Rouen for visiting during the week end . They like to enjoy the beautiful viewpoint on one of the meander of the Seine river. At that time, Mrs Dupuis, that owned a "vacherie" (a dairy), created an excellent double-creme "La Bouille", that she sold layed on a plane tree leaf. Soon it got a good reputation and the "tourists" brings it back to Rouen to relish it during the week.

The daughter of mrs Dupuis and its husband, Mr and mrs Herselin went on producing that cheese as well as others but at that period appears Mr Fromage (Its name means cheese in french!) that had the idea to cut the "La Bouille" in two pieces. He sold that "new" cheese and gave it its name creating that advertising slogan "le fromage de monsieur Fromage" (the cheese of mister Cheese).

After the second world war the small society was in jeopardy and was bougth by the "établissements Lepetit" that also buy the brand. Soon they were also bougth by the Lactalis society (ex Besnier). Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find "La Bouille" cheese.

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The "Fromage de Monsieur" cheese was also called "Monsieur Fromage" .