Norman cheeses 

The pavé d'Auge

Pavé du Plessis, Pavé de Moyaux, (Pavé de) Trouville.

A pavé d'Auge
A pavé d'Auge


Type Washed rind cheese
Milk Cow. Whole milk.
Aspect Square of 12 cm and 6cm thick.
50% of fat.
Region Canton de Moyaux. North of the Auge country.

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The pavé d'Auge is an old variation of the Pont-L'Evêque,and it is nowadays a generic name used for the washed rind square cheeses that are produced in the north of theAuge country.

It can also be called "pavé de Moyaux" (the name of a country side), "pavé du Plessis" (the name of a dairy),or "Trouville" (the name of a small town by the sea).

Its making is close to the Pont-L'Evêque one and it generally goes through a long maturing period (2 to 4 months) and its taste is rather strong.

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Some producers sell mini (small) "pavé d'Auge".